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Zhongshan Venice Lubricant Co., Ltd. is a branch of American Tennessee Petroleum (China) Co., Ltd. in Greater China. Its headquarters is located in Hong Kong. Zhongshan Weinaishi Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. is a high-tech lubricating oil company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. With independent R&D centers, first-class modern production equipment, first-class product experiments and first-class R&D management and marketing personnel, we persevere in developing "effective, energy-saving, environmental protection" products, improving consumer's life taste as the purpose and motivation of enterprises, and providing excellent sales and after-sales service for consumers. Create a good life for customers wholeheartedly.

"Honesty, pragmatism, innovation and win-win" is the way for the stable development of the company in recent years. In the face of the ever-changing market, we focus on one goal, serving automobile, precision electronics, steel finishing, heavy equipment, aviation pipeline and bearing manufacturing. It also involves product...


Dreams make us fly higher and farther

Marketing is the soul of an enterprise. Venezuela relies on the world marketing strategy to integrate the characteristics of the Chinese market.To formulate the operation mode and product R&D direction in line with China's national conditions.An effective sales organization system has been set up.Diversified marketing mode and diversified road construction make Venice brand expand its market and products Sales showed a leap-forward growth. In just a few years, we have devoted ourselves to the consideration of our customers.Focusing on customer needs,we will conduct in-depth customer satisfaction surveys.Continuously enhance the marketing center's market development, and establish rapid response clothing in the product sales coverage areaBusiness mechanism, multi-channel and diversified development are the leading enterprises in the industry.We will continue to innovate and forge ahead, and strive to build industry leading brand!

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Our Enterprise Spirit

Excellent efficiency, unity and progress

Venice has established a strict quality management system, strictly in accordance with IS09001 quality system standards, we believe that outstanding brand comes from high-quality products and strong technical strength, we strive to do better for you! We hold high the banner of the brand, innovate constantly, maintain the leading position in China's lubrication system, and strive for sustained, healthy, stable and rapid development every year. With a dream of 100 years of brilliance and outstanding brand achievements, Venice will continue to promote the progress of China's market and even the world's lubrication system on a broader stage, and constantly create more value for the society!

Our Enterprise Purpose

Honor creation, dedication, diamond quality, gold service

Venezuela is a lubricant producing country that continuously accelerates research and development, manufacturing and sales, and adheres to the positioning of high-quality enterprises.

Companies adhering to the people-oriented, technological innovation, quality win, sincere cooperation, corporate purposes, won the recognition of our customers and consumers.

Automobile and Ship Lubricating Oil

Special Eutectic Rolling Lubrication Technology

Excellent anti-wear protection
Especially the protection of turbocharging
Extending Engine Life

Industrial lubricants

Special Purpose for High Performance Machinery Equipment

Excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.
Extending the Service Life of Equipment Systems

Lubricating Oil for Metal Processing

High Performance Water Soluble Cutting Oil
Environment-friendly Semi-synthetic Cutting Fluid
A new type of anti-bacterial semi-synthetic and synthetic cutting abrasive fluid contains anti-wear, anti-oxygen, anti-rust, lubrication and a variety of extreme pressure additives.
Suitable for different material hardness, different metal material processing, and long-term use will not produce decay.

High temperature grease

Other ancillary products

Metal Processing Auxiliary Products

Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Demoulding Agent
Environmental friendly hydrocarbon cleaning agent
Special effect dewaxing water

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